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Digital Presence


Modern Lead and Opportunity Generation

Filling the sales pipeline with qualified opportunities has always been a hard thing to do well.  However, some of the most difficult aspects of marketing and sales prospecting are well suited to improvement through the use of AI combined with powerful content and contact strategies. Momentum Technology Partners (MTP) has been successfully innovating in these areas for our clients for over a decade.

Top of funnel efforts broadly fall into a combination of (a) shoveling content to companies you don’t know in the hope that something clicks with someone, and (b) building web based content and outreach that draws prospects to you. AI, for example, can dramatically simplify this by doing things like: 

  • Finding companies whose employees are worried about the problems you solve.

  • Influencing decision makers through peers rather than just an unwanted frontal assault.

  • Automating and measuring content distribution and effectiveness.

  • Building important, much needed, perfect customer profiles for your solution. 

These new capabilities are awesome, but they must be combined with a sales and marketing strategy, we call Smarketing™, to obtain the data needed by AI software. In essence, Smarketing™ involves superb content with a planned creative strategy, combined with effective methods of  communicating with prospects where they are compelled to happily opt in and engage.


MTP has strong expertise in providing solutions to the age-old enterprise top of funnel problem, along with structured processes, which lead to success. The technologies we use have the added benefit of unifying sales and marketing through the use of common software, processes, and data (including common KPIs).

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