Why Choose MTP?

Whether you are a domestic vendor looking to lower your cost of sales or an international vendor looking to move cost effectively into the US market, MTP can develop the right program to fit your needs.

The principles at MTP have personally brought over two dozen companies to IPO or successful acquisition as CEOs, VPs of Marketing, Sales, or Business Development Directors. Our experience and market access to sales associates, partners and end-users ensures a rapid transition to sustainable sales.

Whatever your goal, MTP can customize a cost effective plan to meet your firm’s unique immediate, transitional or permanent needs.

The Core Team

The pedigree of the MTP core team is highly versed in the current climate of digital sales and marketing. Many of us have started or run companies as CEO’s as well. We believe in long-term relationships based upon trust and performance, establishing a joint commitment with customers towards all goals, and putting customer concerns before our own.

We are executives with extensive experience spanning many technologies. We have numerous successes under our belts. Our few failures have educated us to identify product market fit early in the process. We have expertise with various product categories, business models, field eco-systems, pricing mechanisms, go-to-market methodologies, and marketing models.

We fully understand go-to-market models; the chasm, the sales learning curve, product/market fit models, and boom and bust behavior. These models are effective in many ways, a hinderance in others, but what is most important is that we've lived  and profited through every one of them.

The MTP team shares the conviction that the way products are currently sold is archaic, ineffective, expensive and can be distasteful. We exist to serve as a catalyst contributing to positive change to the digital product sales world.

The MTP associates are the backbone of the company and provide direct sales and support actions in service to our customers. The associates are certainly hungry for business, but the entire company takes pride that they never push, cajole, spam, cold call, or otherwise harass any prospects. They work with people who want to buy the solutions we offer and their job is to service those people. We are always searching for new associates, if you or someone you know may be interested, please see Becoming An Associate.