Contract Sales 

& Representation

Entrepreneurs routinely create fantastic technical innovation. Unfortunately,  innovative product often loses momentum while being brought to market. The Managing Directors at MTP have personally brought over 2 dozen companies to IPO, or successful acquisition. Our positions as CEO’s, VP’s of Marketing, Sales and/or Business Development have provided all the tools necessary to successfully guide your business. Our experience, combined with the broad market access of our associates,  ensures the fastest possible transition to sales traction and product-market fit for our vendor clients.

What may be incredibly frustrating to your developing business is an exciting  challenge to the MTP crew. There are very few things that occur in the product development to sales-ready cycle that we have not dealt with successfully. We are here to provide the connections, sales and marketing expertise you need to take the next step towards product success. Our track record has shown that our combined knowledge and pertinent business connections provide complete expert solutions, and ultimately, success.