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Our Services

Our Services

IT Sales and


Momentum Technology Partners (MTP) is an innovative sales organization specializing in the information systems marketplace for early to later stage vendors seeking rapid expansion, staff augmentation or representation within the United States.

Contract Sales


We delve deeply in to the organizations we partner with and represent the vendors best interests in all negotiations.

Sales Engagement

We combine sales enablement (and sales engagement) solutions  with outstanding sales management practices  critical for product success.

Ramp & Business Model Development

We want our partners to be financially healthy and reliable over the long term.   For enterprise, we work with vendors on building out their market presence while maximizing their profit.

Rapid Growth      & Resale

When a vendor has product-market fit and a healthy business, MTP's aggressive approach is to go "all in", penetrating every corner of the market.

Digital Presence 


Filling the sales pipeline with qualified opportunities has always been a hard thing to do well.  Combining AI, with content and contact strategies, MTP's method of  Smarketing™ has proven to be powerful and successful.

Zero-Tier Distribution® 

Zero Tier Distribution® enables a cost-effective, personal, sales-and-service partnership between new technology innovators and prospective customers.


"Hiring MTP was the best decision we made. Our startup is respected in the market and rapidly becoming contender."

P. Peters

MNP Enterprises LLC

Ready to find out more?

Call MTP for a free business analysis today. Our confidential, in-depth look at your company or product is a great place to start. There's no commitment until you formally engage in services with us. Looking forward to meeting you! 

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